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1864 Blog:Alicia Balbuena

Blog 1864 - Emily Saravia

Though there are many different prospective on the topic of slavery I have two opinions regarding the issue of slavery, I like to show my hatred towards slavery about the disgusting matter that it is and think it goes against God as a sin, however that is just what I think and say publicly because privately with all honesty I really don't care. The most recent battle our nation had Sherman's march  was a sudden realization for me as I am fighting for thew north that I had no dedication to fight and questioned myself "Do I really want to continue this?" and just fought with no motivation, many other soldiers were leaving as well so I really didn't feel ashamed  but I did feel remorse since, the union had many casualties and had to protect more land they gained with very few to protect the land.  Using special tactics, we marched until  we arrived at Georgia and captured Atlanta, but doing so caused many injuries and destroyed basically anything we came in contact with that was an advantage to the south. In spite of the fact that we the north began to turn against Lincoln did not change the fact that he was re-elected and won against those of us who nominated McClellan.  Now we just have to see how the War will turn out but with all that's been happening, it's as if the Union is in the lead and possibly will be the ones to claim the victory.

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1863 Diego Cruz (late)

Battle Of Gettysburg

The third day of the battle was a disaster for the south. Meade had us placed in a odd shape.. Like a fish hook, I thought it was silly, but after further inspection I realized it was a brilliant idea. Their General Lee, attempted to weaken, and soften us up by using heavy artillery fire, but what the genius didn’t realize, is that all his precious heavy artillery fire was going right over our heads. When they emerged from cover, I could see the looks on their faces, looks of surprise, terror, and shock as they saw all of us, unharmed. After that, it was just a brutal vicious slaughter; Confederates getting shot left and right, even one on one combat.. A sad day for those confederates..

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1863 blogs victoria turner

i'm getting sick of salt pork it taste awful. i know its better for us because we can perserve the food but gross. this rude sutler made me pay way to much for some dry goods. some of the tatics we are attempting are easier for others than for me. they have more experience with me and i don't think the union general has a good strategy. There's also a flaw in his turning movement he says if we go in from behind we will have a better chance of cutting off their comunication but they are more experiencct won't they see it coming?

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1863 blog Alicia Balbuena


blog by victoria

we are still having the civil war. i thought this wouldnt last long it would be over. this is something so stupid why are we fighting weather a human has right or weather they are sold or not. we should all be equal no matter the race and im insulted that president lincoln even hesirtated weather he should let black soliders fight. we are doing this for them they should help!

blog 1863 - Emily Saravia

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Jack Hopper 1863

F orage for berries
R ank is private
E mancipation allowed me to get revenge on Southerners
E scaped from slavery on the Under Ground Railroad
M om is only family
A bolitionist
N orthern fighter

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1862 blog. Diego Cruz

The Battle of Antiedam was two days ago. General McCullen had found Lee’s personal battle plans, some fool had them wrapped around a couple of cigars and it was picked up by us. Lee had set up on some high ground just outside of Sharpsburg and had quite the advantage. There was a good amount of fighting and action by Dunker Church, I sorta felt bad since they dislike violence so much. A lot happens but when we were at Burnside’s Bridge the pesky confederates retreated. And although they say no one really one the battle, we all know we were the real victors.

1862 blogs Emily Saravia

Recipe for Johnnycakes -

- 1 cup of water
- 1 1/2 cups ground yellow cornbread
- 1/2 tsp. salt
- 1/2 cup of milk
- 2 TB butter
- syrup, molasses, preserves for toppings

I still remember that day of the Battle of Antietam after a stressful day and those dang southerners decided to claim their victory even though both sides really didn't even win. After that I decided to go back home and have me some johnny cakes oh how I love me some johnny cakes!!! those cornbread tasty goods make any crappy day even better. I usually recommend all my fellow soldiers to try some even though they might not think cornbread is the best well they will surely have different thoughts on these good ol cakes!

by : Victoria Turner

I just lost a great comrade today at the Battle of Antietam. He died in my very arms. I didn't even see it coming. I blame General McClellan. I thought we were on a high note when we found the battle notes for the Confederacy. But then a few of our generals were shot and we just stood there. Then it was good again when for some reason all the Confederates retreated. But then they came back even though, we were bigger in number we still lost and I lost someone important in the end.
WE WILL WIN THIS BATTLE               
By:Alicia Balbuena 

We will win this battle
I am no longer Walter Wigfalls
My soul was brought out,
I knew that we the Union were going to win
Running out of air,
Running in despair
We await on the highgrounds of Sharpsburg
We will win this battle
He who has the brains,
Has the power
We will win this battle
We don’t have much experience but
The Confederacy is so stupid
Screaming “ABOUT FACE”
Why are they running away?
That’s when we pile bodies at the Bloody Lane
We will win this battle
I no longer have a soul,
We need to win this battle
They retreat
The confederacy has a team full of alecs
The war is over
And the question on my mind is
who won the battle?
It doesn’t matter
We claim our victory
Our weak leader was fired but we still won this battle
We poured our hearts out for this nightmare to end
And now we won this battle
The Battle of Antietam
Soon the Emancipation Proclamation was born

Jack Hopper 1862

dear ma,
im shur you now by now of the batel of anteedem. it wus prity much a fayiler. McClellan had meny chances to advans the main atak, but he never did. the way thay fot neer the peesful church is funy thow. but wen i herd that the genrals yeled abowt face at bludy lane, i wunder hoo is out fiteing this war. then it takes 2 owers to get the infantry acros that brige, an i now this war wil last a wile. in the end, McClellan dos not even defeet Lee, an he deservs to be fired. how ever, we did get the emansipashun proklimashun so all thos slavs can finily be free. this is a good step forwerd towerds ecuality. i think ther is hope. i am dooing wel. i wil rite agen soon.

your son,
Harry Freeman

Monday, April 10, 2017

On July 16, 1861,The Battle of Bull Run was a tragic and embarrassing loss for the Unionists. I could not believe the fact that we had a massive crew of 37,000 and still lost to a team of only 22,000 dixies. We were trying to cut the railroad at Manassas. Everything was going smoothly until Beauregard creates an 8 mile long line of Dixies on the side of Bull Run Creek. Our line was destroyed by the confederates and there was a disaster of casualties. The lord will guide us
Dear Father,
My dear wife Constance sent me a letter informing me your worrisome about me after the Bull Run Battle, I’m here to tell you i'm in perfect condition and suffered no injury, although there were 2,896 casualties in our side and thankfully I wasn’t one of them.If you are wondering how the battle went let me briefly explain it you. We marched into Virginia our plan was to cut the railroad at Manassas and move to richmond but those damn Butternuts had to come in and ruin everything! Especially that Gen. Beauregard whom I despise. Because of that damn line he placed on Bull Run Creek our army crashed into it. Father as you could already basically tell we have been defeated in this Battle. Wish I could do more for my country and lead us to Victory!
Well Father hope you are having a fine day and I’ll write you back whenever I have time to spare
Good day Father!

Your dearest son,Bruce.

July 16, 1861

Dear diary,                                                                                            July 16, 1861

The Battle of the Bull run was such a havoc for the Unionists. We marched to Virginia with 37,000 unionists. Our goal was to move to Richmond by cutting at Manassas. We DEPLOYED as a union. Everything was going as planned, we had crashed the Dixie's flank. We thought the war was over and that we gain independence, but we were wrong... The war had just begun. Southern general, Beauregard, commanded the CONFEDERACY  to arrive with a COUNTERATTACK leading us Northerners to fall apart. Our retreat soon became our designated destination that us unionist and spectators took. The CONFEDERACY
had a great success. They defeated us unionist. Overall, we had many casualties and this means war, this isn't over. The Unionists will come back, and we will come back stronger. We did loose this war, but we will be ready for the next one. Our Lord is upon us, he is watching us, and he will save us from this misery.

                                                                            Sincerely, WALTER WIGFALL

2nd blog

dear my dear wife Emily and daughter Ashley, 

                              I miss you both. I feel very confident that we're gonna win because we are in the right and their in the wrong they just don't want to admit it. Our first battle didn't really go so well but we know now that we always be ready. I think this might be longer than we wanted but ill be fine. Its been hard i'm not really good at shooting. I'm not fast as some of the others and there so many steps but ill get the hang of it. I'm doing this for you two and i'm gonna come home to a free world to all. We wake up really early if you even sleep I cant really sleep I don't want to. I don't want to wake up to bad news or men screaming. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

dear ma,

us former slavs ar not alowd to fite. hire ups say the lower union stats wood seseed if we fot. this maks me mad, i wantd to teech thos suthners a lesin. also, thos scardy wites just ran away at bul run, i wood hav stayd an fite. las evenin i went foregin for sum barys cus i wus bord, an i wus tird of hardtack, an i found sum greenbaks. i sent you a few. i wil rite as soon as i can.

your sun,

Harry Freeman

Thursday, April 6, 2017

I am Private Clarence Parsons. I have joined the army and thank the lord I am doing just fine. Although this is only the beginning, I already miss my family. My loving mother.. Who is going to wake me up every morning for breakfast now? Certainly not her.. And my father, I miss him far too much, although sometimes strict, always loving. And then there are my three brothers, I know my oldest brother is taking care of the family but pray nothing happens to him or to any of them. The uniforms aren’t the best but then again they aren’t the worst. As an abolitionists, I hope that the wretched Confederacy understands that they are sinning with their cruel acts of slavery. I pray this war will end swiftly and I will return home soon.

Thomas Ward Sr.

My name is Thomas Ward Sr. and i'm from Boston, Massachusetts and i believe that slavery is a “curse” i'm 21 years old and i have a wife named Emily and a beautiful 3 years old daughter those are the people i'm risking my life for so that my precious baby doesn't have to grow up in such an awful place. I am very confidant about this war i know that the north will win because the south is in the wrong. I am prepared to risk my life to make a safe play for my daughter and to kill in his name. My daughters name is Ashley and she has big blue eye and she is the sweetest thing you will ever meet i only want what's best for you. The sad part is that my father is one the south side he is of the higher class and is in the war i fear that if push comes to shove i might have to kill him which i prepared to do for my little Ashley, it will hurt me very much but i  must do what i need to do.

Dear Beloved,
Its the first week of my enlistment in the union army and i am most happily certain to tell you, that so far it is going quite well. I am missing everyone at home including you my dear . Although it is very different than being at home, being a part of this army is a great responsibility and i am honored to be a part of it. By the way i was meaning to ask, How is my dear father William doing? He probably might be quite busy with his job as a banker. I am curious to how his health has been considering he’s been having a bad cold recently and seems to be very ill. It would have been fantastic if you were here my dear. You a volunteer nurse could heal many of the wounded soldiers here including me as i was shot in my knee and could have a possibility of having it amputated. Well now this is it i wish you luck with the rest of time until i return.

Your dear Bruce.
To my widowed aunt,

           Today is the day that Walter Wigfall became a true men. Auntie, ever since mother past away, you decided to take responsibility of me in the highest way possible. You spoiled me and made sure that I had everything I needed to make me happy. Even though I was bored every single day of my life, you tried so hard and I appreciate it. Today is the day that I join the war as a private. I am doing this for my country because I sincerely hate slavery and it should be abolished! Here, I have to learn that no one is going to babysit me and I have to become independent. Please spread the word to our friends at home that our Lord will guide us to victory.
                                                     Sincerely from your beloved spoiled nephew,
                                                                                                        Walter Wigfall

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

dear ma,
im ritin to tel you how my time in the army is. i jest enlistet an they alredy hav me runin drils an chors. its very borin here, jus cards an watin. im hopin for som acshon here soon. las nite they had me up al nite wachen for enimes, i wus so slepy by mornin.i no you mis me much, but i need to get even wit does suthners who beet us an wipet us en took pa. also, im not sure abot the genral, you no how i feel abot wite men. he seems suspishos. anyway, i mis you an i hope to see you soon

                     your son,
                           Harry Freeman