Sunday, April 30, 2017

Blog 1864 - Emily Saravia

Though there are many different prospective on the topic of slavery I have two opinions regarding the issue of slavery, I like to show my hatred towards slavery about the disgusting matter that it is and think it goes against God as a sin, however that is just what I think and say publicly because privately with all honesty I really don't care. The most recent battle our nation had Sherman's march  was a sudden realization for me as I am fighting for thew north that I had no dedication to fight and questioned myself "Do I really want to continue this?" and just fought with no motivation, many other soldiers were leaving as well so I really didn't feel ashamed  but I did feel remorse since, the union had many casualties and had to protect more land they gained with very few to protect the land.  Using special tactics, we marched until  we arrived at Georgia and captured Atlanta, but doing so caused many injuries and destroyed basically anything we came in contact with that was an advantage to the south. In spite of the fact that we the north began to turn against Lincoln did not change the fact that he was re-elected and won against those of us who nominated McClellan.  Now we just have to see how the War will turn out but with all that's been happening, it's as if the Union is in the lead and possibly will be the ones to claim the victory.

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