Thursday, April 20, 2017

WE WILL WIN THIS BATTLE               
By:Alicia Balbuena 

We will win this battle
I am no longer Walter Wigfalls
My soul was brought out,
I knew that we the Union were going to win
Running out of air,
Running in despair
We await on the highgrounds of Sharpsburg
We will win this battle
He who has the brains,
Has the power
We will win this battle
We don’t have much experience but
The Confederacy is so stupid
Screaming “ABOUT FACE”
Why are they running away?
That’s when we pile bodies at the Bloody Lane
We will win this battle
I no longer have a soul,
We need to win this battle
They retreat
The confederacy has a team full of alecs
The war is over
And the question on my mind is
who won the battle?
It doesn’t matter
We claim our victory
Our weak leader was fired but we still won this battle
We poured our hearts out for this nightmare to end
And now we won this battle
The Battle of Antietam
Soon the Emancipation Proclamation was born

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