Monday, April 10, 2017

Dear Father,
My dear wife Constance sent me a letter informing me your worrisome about me after the Bull Run Battle, I’m here to tell you i'm in perfect condition and suffered no injury, although there were 2,896 casualties in our side and thankfully I wasn’t one of them.If you are wondering how the battle went let me briefly explain it you. We marched into Virginia our plan was to cut the railroad at Manassas and move to richmond but those damn Butternuts had to come in and ruin everything! Especially that Gen. Beauregard whom I despise. Because of that damn line he placed on Bull Run Creek our army crashed into it. Father as you could already basically tell we have been defeated in this Battle. Wish I could do more for my country and lead us to Victory!
Well Father hope you are having a fine day and I’ll write you back whenever I have time to spare
Good day Father!

Your dearest son,Bruce.

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