Thursday, April 20, 2017

Jack Hopper 1862

dear ma,
im shur you now by now of the batel of anteedem. it wus prity much a fayiler. McClellan had meny chances to advans the main atak, but he never did. the way thay fot neer the peesful church is funy thow. but wen i herd that the genrals yeled abowt face at bludy lane, i wunder hoo is out fiteing this war. then it takes 2 owers to get the infantry acros that brige, an i now this war wil last a wile. in the end, McClellan dos not even defeet Lee, an he deservs to be fired. how ever, we did get the emansipashun proklimashun so all thos slavs can finily be free. this is a good step forwerd towerds ecuality. i think ther is hope. i am dooing wel. i wil rite agen soon.

your son,
Harry Freeman

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