Monday, April 10, 2017

July 16, 1861

Dear diary,                                                                                            July 16, 1861

The Battle of the Bull run was such a havoc for the Unionists. We marched to Virginia with 37,000 unionists. Our goal was to move to Richmond by cutting at Manassas. We DEPLOYED as a union. Everything was going as planned, we had crashed the Dixie's flank. We thought the war was over and that we gain independence, but we were wrong... The war had just begun. Southern general, Beauregard, commanded the CONFEDERACY  to arrive with a COUNTERATTACK leading us Northerners to fall apart. Our retreat soon became our designated destination that us unionist and spectators took. The CONFEDERACY
had a great success. They defeated us unionist. Overall, we had many casualties and this means war, this isn't over. The Unionists will come back, and we will come back stronger. We did loose this war, but we will be ready for the next one. Our Lord is upon us, he is watching us, and he will save us from this misery.

                                                                            Sincerely, WALTER WIGFALL

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