Monday, May 15, 2017

1865 blog Emily Saravia

Well it seems that this Civil War has come to an end and as we all could already see coming a union win!!! i would also like to mention of the great honor it was for me to be standing in the same room as where General Robert E Lee surrendered to General Ulysses  S.Grant in Appomattox Courthouse on April 9th 1865.  But with this courageous war of bravery also came a dreadful time as in Lincoln being assassinated by none other than actor John Wilkes Booth while Lincoln attended the play "Our American Cousin" with his wife. And as we mourned this country's beloved president John Wilkes Booth was killed on April 26 1865, 12 day after he assassinated Lincoln. On the bright side our county's peace and name has been brought back and we are now back as one! This war has been a tough one, but it was worth it since it was for our dear USA.

jack hopper 1865

April 26, 1865
   the war is over. i can finly go home. we won. however, lincoln was kiled. he was asasinated wachin a sho. but now abolitionists have won. slavery is gone, but to late. my dad and brother are alredy gone, kiled by ther masters.  im glad the war is over. no more hardtack, no more drills. no more bloody battls. i can finly see my mother agen.

1865 blog Victoria Turner

Lincoln assassinated                         April 15,1865 
The Mourning of Lincoln Assassination 

President Lincoln killed while attending a play at Ford's Theater. At 10:20 p.m. during "Our American Cousin." He was killed by John Wilkes Booth. Union Soldiers chased him into a near by barn where they set the barn on fire to lead him out. Booth was shot at 7:22 the following morning. President Lincoln was a very brave man and will be missed dearly. This is a huge loss in the United States of America. He was a hero to slaves and the Union Army. at 10:15 booth went into the box where Lincoln was sitting and fired his .44-caliber single shot to the back of the head. after stabbing Rathbone in the shoulder booth got on stage and said," sic semper tyrannis!"

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

1864 blog Victoria Turner( Thomas Ward Sr.)

Some of the union troops began to go against Lincoln.  As the Confederacy gains more land it means defending more with fewer troops. It has been very difficult to figure out all the war tactics and strategy the general is using. We got some new weaponry like torpedoes and rifle muskets, but the other union solider are faster with the guns.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Jack Hopper 1864

Three songs

Battle Hymn of the Republic
This was the official fight song of the Union.

Marching Through Georgia
This was the song Sherman's men sang as they marched to the sea.

Battle Cry of Freedom
A battle song of the Union and the favorite of many soldiers.